onsdag den 18. september 2013

The rescue

The rescue
Now, I’m trying to rescue this painting, also from 2007. Is a woman sitting on the diner table, immerse on her thoughts, is she obsessed? or is she really concentrated in something important?; maybe an invention, a math equation, a recipe?? Or is she reflecting about life? Why is the cup of coffee so close to the edge?
She looks like a housewife, but remember, some of the best sellers writhers in our time were ‘just’ housewives.

The background is dirty, and I have to change her face and the left hand.
Some days latter, this is what happened:

 The background is clean now, the face in ready, check out the eyes, are like empty like Modigliani’s women; the table and the coffee are ready; but he technical drawing on her right isn’t recognizable and I want to change the colour of the dress.

Here I’m still struggling with the dress, even thought is not that much what I have to fix; but is not ready jet…
But after some hours, I corrected the hair and the dress and the right hand, now the background. I wanted it to be like the aura of a Saint, but it didn’t work as I wanted it, It looked empty and with out force, the balance wasn’t allrigth...